My Love (and Frustration) with the Olympics

I have a confession to make. I love watching the Olympics. Now I suppose as confessions go, it's not a huge revelation nor one that is likely to change the course of human history. I feel though that a confession is in order because I have a tendency to dislike sporting events, especially those that intentionally or unintentionally bolster displays of nationalism and ignore such things as systemic inequality. The Olympics falls into this sort of place in my head and yet, I really enjoy the Olympic games whenever they come around. It's a slight conundrum for me and thus I confess to my utter captivation with the current games happening in PyeongChang.

With Flying Colours

If you've been following my Instagram, you've probably seen that I'm training for the London 10K next month. At least three times a week I can be seen on the streets and trails of Cambridge ambling along at what seems to me to be breakneck pace (though to most of the world is a bit on the slow side) gradually increasing my distance. Last week, I finally broke 9K which feels like an enormous accomplishment. It was even better to celebrate my running progress by participating in the London Color Run this past Sunday.