Roadmaps to Myself

I have spent a fair few hours over the past two days reflecting on the year that has just passed and the year that has just started. I’ve been thinking about all of the experiences I have had that have led me to where I am in this moment and all of the people who have shared in those experiences. Having the time to pause and reflect has helped me see some things more clearly and I’d like to share a few of these reflections here.

Episode 01.09 – Dices Tomate – 5 September 2017

Wow! We've done nine episodes of You Say Toma(h)to! Thank you so much for joining us. This month Jeremy and I discuss languages and more specifically what our experiences have been learning languages and travelling to countries where we don't really speak the lingo. This episode features a very inspiring interview with my friend Annabell. She … Continue reading Episode 01.09 – Dices Tomate – 5 September 2017

You Say Toma(h)to Episode 01.08 Recap

I can't believe how behind I am with this podcast episode recap! It has been nearly four weeks since our eighth episode went out and in that time I don't think I've had a spare moment to really reflect on our August podcast. Luckily, I managed to find some spare moments today to put into writing some things that have come to mind.

Episode 01.08 – The [Whole] Story of Heritage – 1 August 2017

Hey there! Congratulations you have found the eighth episode of our podcast You Say Toma(h)to! This month, Jeremy and I discuss a topic which we know very well: heritage and heritage sites. Tune in to hear about the development of heritage organisations in the UK and US. We also talk a bit about our favourite sites. … Continue reading Episode 01.08 – The [Whole] Story of Heritage – 1 August 2017

You Say Toma(h)to – Episode 01.07 Recap

It has been eight days since I released the seventh episode of You Say Toma(h)to but it feels like it has been months. July has been very busy here in Cambridge. We've moved house, I ran the British 10K, and . . . well that's about it so far, but still that's quite a lot. I'm hoping to write a few posts about all the goings on here in the next couple of weeks. But that's not why you're here reading this. You're here because you want the inside scoop on our seventh episode. Well, here it is.

You Say Toma(h)to – Episode 01.06 Recap

Jeremy and I had a "delicious" time making this month's episode of You Say Toma(h)to. Alright, puns aside, discussing the foods of our respective nations was quite fun. I must admit though, the more episodes we make in which I try to discuss things "American" the more I realise that I can only speak for my own experience as a girl from the Northeast. We've got our fair share of diverse restaurants and the like, but when it comes to speaking for American cuisine, I find it difficult to know where to begin.