In all my spare time . . .

The past two months have been busy. People tend to say that quite often. It's a great sort-of apology when you've been neglecting aspects of your life. "Oh, I'm sorry I haven't answered that email you sent me three months ago. It's been so busy." But in all honesty, I feel like I've not even had a chance to enjoy the few short holidays I've had recently, because I was either working during them or as soon as I came back I hit the ground running.

Episode 01.09 – Dices Tomate – 5 September 2017

Wow! We've done nine episodes of You Say Toma(h)to! Thank you so much for joining us. This month Jeremy and I discuss languages and more specifically what our experiences have been learning languages and travelling to countries where we don't really speak the lingo. This episode features a very inspiring interview with my friend Annabell. She … Continue reading Episode 01.09 – Dices Tomate – 5 September 2017

A Cunning Plan

Work on my PhD has slowed to a mere trickle over the past week and a half. Partly I needed to give myself some days off. I'd been driving pretty hard since I moved to Cambridge. Spending time alternating between PhD work and some paid teaching work for the department. It all finally came to a head at my last supervision.

A PhD’s Work is Never Done

January marked the start of my third year as a PhD researcher. Sometimes it feels like I only just started but other times, like now, it feels like I've been doing this my entire life with no beginning and no end in sight, just an interminable stretch of papers, supervisions, fieldwork, and reading.