Recipe: Toad in the Hole (UK)

Living with a British person has meant making several adjustments in my life. Besides the daily genuflection to a picture of the Queen, I have also started to widen my diet to include some British delicacies. Now hang on, I can almost hear you say, are there any British delicacies? Well first of all, that's a stereotype (unlike my earlier mention of worship of the monarchy). Second of all, I have to say that I have begun to develop cravings for Toad in Hole since the first time Jeremy made it for me.

A Case of Measles

Something that has become abundantly clear to me since I moved in with my significant other is that pranks are wonderfully fun. Not cruel pranks of course, not the type where you prop a bucket over a door or draw naughty shapes on people's faces as they sleep. I'm talking more of the random pranks you play on each other or more specifically the running gag. Measels has become the running gag in our house since Christmas.