Cycling to St. Ives: A Busway Story

Cambridge is a cycling town. During the morning rush hour you're just as likely to see herds of cyclists barreling down the roads and paths of the city as you are cars. It's one of the things I really enjoy about living here. There's even a bicycle highway of sorts here. The guided busway links Cambridge and St. Ives, a town about 16 miles to the northwest. I've written before about a brief ride Jeremy and I took down the busway but a few weekends ago, we finally had the chance to do the whole thing. We took a day and cycled to St. Ives and back along a beautiful stretch of the English countryside.

Land of the Marsh-Wiggles: Wicken Fen

I stood at the till at the visitor's centre at Anglesey Abbey for the fourth time about to pay my entrance fee when I decided enough was enough. I couldn't just stand there — again, waiting in a long line to pay the entrance fee for a fourth time. I had to do it. It was time. Time to make the commitment to becoming a full-fledged National Trust member. I requested a membership form, paid my annual fee, and that was that. I was now a member of a ruthless gang of tea drinkers and scone consumers; a gang of picnickers and walkers; a gang of tourists to historic houses and areas of natural beauty.

A Day at Anglesey Abbey

The unmistakable taste of spring has finally permeated the air here in Cambridge. The birds have been that much more chatty, the sun has been that much warmer, and the rain has been pleasantly absent. It was under these circumstances and with the knowledge that the weather in the UK is changeable at the drop of a tuppence that Jeremy and I decided to seize the day and go on a little adventure this past weekend to Anglesey Abbey.

A Walk in the Garden

The weather has been unusually warm this week. The sun and spring-like feel to the air has rather inspired me with a bit more energy than I have had recently. While Carol, the weather person on BBC Breakfast has assured me in her lovely Scottish accent that the warm spell is unlikely to last long, I cannot help but hope we've said farewell to the cold weather at least until next year.

From Durham to Leicester to Cambridge

Welcome to the new home of An American in Durham. I started this blog three years ago to document my journey as an international student at Durham University. After I graduated with my master's degree I'm afraid I put a full stop at the end of my last post and didn't really look back. I tried to start a new blog about my experiences as a PhD student in the City of Leicester but I never quite stuck with it. After taking almost two years away from blogging, I'm finally ready to come back to share my new adventures with you.