Land of the Marsh-Wiggles: Wicken Fen

I stood at the till at the visitor's centre at Anglesey Abbey for the fourth time about to pay my entrance fee when I decided enough was enough. I couldn't just stand there — again, waiting in a long line to pay the entrance fee for a fourth time. I had to do it. It was time. Time to make the commitment to becoming a full-fledged National Trust member. I requested a membership form, paid my annual fee, and that was that. I was now a member of a ruthless gang of tea drinkers and scone consumers; a gang of picnickers and walkers; a gang of tourists to historic houses and areas of natural beauty.

I Write

I feel quite caught between political battles happening on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean at the moment. So I write to process and I listen to understand.

You Say Toma(h)to – Episode 01.05 Recap

It's sportsball season in both the US and the UK and I'm sure all over the world. Honestly, when is it not sportsball season? Though with the advent of the warmer, sunnier weather, I cannot help but think back to long summers spent going to baseball games and playing stickball in the backyard. I suppose that's one of the reasons, I thought an episode about sports would be fitting for the May podcast.

It’s all Fun and Games

One of my earliest memories of playing games is when I was very small, likely three or four, and my dad and I would play this board game called Uncle Wiggily. I can vaguely remember the beat up, yellow box with a picture of a rabbit dressed in fancy clothes. It was a simple game; you drew cards to move your plastic piece around the board and whoever got to the end first was the winner. I loved playing it; I felt like I was part of a story, filled with colourful characters, in a really wonderful setting.

Party Time! Eggs-ellent!

Few things remind you just how far away from home you are than holidays. Even long after you decide that the basis for said holiday doesn't entirely jive with your life and philosophy as it stands now, holidays are this visceral reminder of times spent with family and friends. When you are separated by an ocean and a few thousand miles, it can be pretty hard not to feel bittersweet about those memories.

Bedtime Stories

I tend to be tired almost all of the time. As soon as I wake up, I am already longing for the moment I can crawl back into bed at the end of the day and curl up under the covers. Inevitably though, when that moment comes, my brain decides it's the perfect time to go wild and bring up memories and thoughts at the pace of a cheetah in hot pursuit. Often they are thoughts and memories I am really not keen to go through and so I lie there, awake, forever.

A Cunning Plan

Work on my PhD has slowed to a mere trickle over the past week and a half. Partly I needed to give myself some days off. I'd been driving pretty hard since I moved to Cambridge. Spending time alternating between PhD work and some paid teaching work for the department. It all finally came to a head at my last supervision.

You Say Toma(h)to – Episode 01.03 Recap

Jeremy and I talked for the better part of two months about how we could possibly deal with all that is going on in the world on our little travel podcast. The political situations in both our countries made it impossible to ignore and the escalation of events meant we would have to find a way to talk about fast-developing events in a way that a monthly podcast could handle. There was another thing to consider. We didn't just want to be two more shouting people on the internet. We wanted to approach everything in a way which would fit with our podcast and would add something to the discussion. I think we just about managed that.