A Reader with a capital R

It was a bright sunny morning in 1987 when I sat beside the chunky wooden shelf next to the couch and looked at the colourful array of books. I chose a heavy board book with a yellow cover and a story about the Care Bears. I laid on the floor and began to read aloud to myself. I always read aloud whenever I had a book. I couldn’t understand how the adults in my family read silently. It seemed like something verging on witchcraft – keeping all those words inside their heads somehow. I turned the page and was confronted by the word “between.” I scrunched up my face in concentration as I worked hard to pronounce the word. I struggled and struggled and finally decided that the word was pronounced “bet-win.” I had no idea what that word meant but I had read it. I was four and this is my earliest memory of reading on my own.

Computer Says No

I have a very distinct memory of being in my elementary school classroom sometime in the early 1990s during a social studies lesson. We were taking it in turns to read passages from our textbooks about the movements of people around the world. I remember the smell of the binding and the colourful maps adorned with bright arrows showing the routes of migration across the continents and seas. The bold keys words leapt off of the page: migration, emigrate, immigrant. These words had not yet taken on a political flavouring in my young mind and yet this lesson sticks out in my mind like a rock in the middle of the sea of my childhood. I couldn’t know that over twenty years later I would be an immigrant.

My Love (and Frustration) with the Olympics

I have a confession to make. I love watching the Olympics. Now I suppose as confessions go, it's not a huge revelation nor one that is likely to change the course of human history. I feel though that a confession is in order because I have a tendency to dislike sporting events, especially those that intentionally or unintentionally bolster displays of nationalism and ignore such things as systemic inequality. The Olympics falls into this sort of place in my head and yet, I really enjoy the Olympic games whenever they come around. It's a slight conundrum for me and thus I confess to my utter captivation with the current games happening in PyeongChang.

Malaysian Dreams

It seems strange to me that in the past three months I have stood on four continents – home in Europe, South America for my Argentinian conference, back to Europe, then home to North America, back to Europe, then off to Asia. It's little wonder life has taken on a rather surreal feel as though I'm walking in a dream. 

I’m just going to keep on rolling

You know the scene in The Princess Bride where Buttercup knocks the Dread Pirate Roberts (really her beloved Wesley in disguise – spoilers, but you’ve had time) down that immense hill? Since about October, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been rolling down that same hill, with no end in sight to my constant tumbling.