Episode 02.04 – What is it with the guns? – 03 April 2018

  • Welcome to the April episode of You Say Toma(h)to. It’s a bit of a long one this one so I hope you’ve got a pot of tea on the go before you start listening.
  • Jeremy and I discuss some of the cultural differences between the US and UK as they pertain to guns. We recognise that this is a controversial issue and it is certainly one that has recently been on the forefront of many people’s minds in the US. Our discussion looks at this topic from a cultural viewpoint. It is by no means a definitive conversation but we do hope it helps people understand some of the history and cultural contexts that have led to some of the issues with guns in the US today.
  • This month I’ll take you along on the rest of my Malaysia trip. You’ll have the chance to see K.L., Malacca, and Putrajaya through my eyes. I cannot thank Mizah and Ling enough for their generosity on this trip. They were the perfect hosts and tour guides.
  • April’s Word of the Month is very specific to Philadelphia and means just about anything you want it to mean. As promised here are some interesting jawn on that jawn: The Enduring Mystery of Jawn, Some Jawn about ‘Jawn’, a scene about jawn in Creed
  • This month’s theme music is Joy in the Restaurant by David Szesztay, Masihkah Kau Ingat Remix by shay.beatmaker, and Nanyang Journey by Ivan Chew.