Episode 01.12 – Winter Wonderland – 12 December 2017

  • It’s our twelfth episode of You Say Toma(h)to! We’re very sorry about the delay in releasing this episode, between travel commitments, working, and the holiday rush, we needed a bit of extra time to produce this month’s tomato.
  • This month Jeremy and I discuss our Christmas traditions and how they reflect or diverge from our wider cultural Christmas traditions.
  • We would really love to hear from our listeners about their special holiday traditions at this time of the year (or any other times of the year). It’s not all about Christmas for us, so please do comment below!
  • This month, I interviewed Genevieve who has spent most of her life flitting between the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. We spoke about what it was like to grow up between places, how technology has transformed the experience of living abroad, and her top three tips for making a go of living abroad.
  • Our Word of the Month segment is appropriately wintery and will sure to delight those of you in the cooler climates at this time of year.
  • This month’s theme music is Joy in the Restaurant by David Szesztay.

As this is the last episode of the season, Jeremy and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our listeners and all of those who were gracious enough to participate in the making of You Say Toma(h)to this year. It has been such a privilege to interview so many of my friends and acquaintances about their experiences of travelling and living abroad. It has meant a lot to us to have so much support for this project.

You Say Toma(h)to will be returning next year with all new episodes and an all new format. We’ll look forward to seeing you then!

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