Episode 01.10 – Adventures in Dubrovnik – 3 October 2017

  • Welcome to October’s episode of You Say Toma(h)to! This month we have something special for you all – a narrated retelling of our recent holiday to Dubrovnik on the southern coast of Croatia. We do hope you enjoy listening to our adventures as much as we enjoyed having them.
  • There is no new interview this month, but fear, not we will have one for our November episode.
  • This month’s Word of the Month definitely would have come in handy while we were in Dubrovnik. If you enjoy Word of the Month, consider getting in touch and telling us about words that you have found confusing during your travels in America or the UK.
  • This month’s music is Mito Bekriyo and Mostarski Duchani by Gogofski.


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