Episode 01.08 – The [Whole] Story of Heritage – 1 August 2017

  • Hey there! Congratulations you have found the eighth episode of our podcast You Say Toma(h)to! This month, Jeremy and I discuss a topic which we know very well: heritage and heritage sites. Tune in to hear about the development of heritage organisations in the UK and US. We also talk a bit about our favourite sites.
  • The heart of this podcast is really in sharing stories of travel and immigration from real people. This month, I had a chance to finally chat with someone I met through Facebook. Cathy shared her stories of traveling, studying, living, and working abroad. She also shares some important travel tips which might help prevent you from having to sleep in a train station in Germany.
  • By now you’re well acquainted with our monthly etymology quests around the internet. This month’s Word of the Month is a charming North American phrase with origins related to one of our nation’s favourite pastimes.
  •  This month’s theme music is Joy in the Restaurant by David Szesztay.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to know if anyone out there in internet-ville is listening, so if you enjoy this podcast please consider commenting, liking, and sharing. It helps us to know we’re not just shouting into the ether.




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