Episode 01.06 – Brasserie Tomate – 6 June 2017

I would give all my fame for a pot of ale . . . (Henry V: Act 3, Scene 2; William Shakespeare)

  • Luckily you need not give all your fame in order to enjoy this episode of You Say Toma(h)to on food and drink. This month, Jeremy and I discuss US and UK cuisine and the stereotypes we hold of each other’s noms. We also discuss our favourite world foods.
  • In lieu of an interview, Jeremy and I invite our listeners to join us at the 44th Annual Cambridge Beer Festival hosted by the Campaign for Real Ale. We try three different beers, ciders, and mead each and discuss what we think of them. (Note: For you genuine beer connoisseurs, neither of us know anything about beer so sorry if we drive you nuts with our layman’s take on our beverages of choice!)
  • As always, we have a Word of the Month for you. Often the words we discuss are words which could confuse an unknowing British or US traveler. This month, our word might seem a bit obvious, but it definitely has hidden depths.
  • The featured theme music is Joy in the Restaurant by David Szesztay.
  • Please share these episodes widely with your friends, family, and strangers.

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