A Walk in the Garden

The weather has been unusually warm this week. The sun and spring-like feel to the air has rather inspired me with a bit more energy than I have had recently. While Carol, the weather person on BBC Breakfast has assured me in her lovely Scottish accent that the warm spell is unlikely to last long, I cannot help but hope we’ve said farewell to the cold weather at least until next year.

Jeremy and I decided to take advantage of the weather and went to the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens. Those of you who read the first iteration of this blog probably remember just how much I love botanic gardens. I tend to go to them wherever I travel. There is something about them that instantly lowers my blood pressure and helps me to slow the thoughts that tend to travel at warp speed in my head.

We chose a really lovely day to go. The snowdrops were already coming out and though many of the beds were still sleeping, there was the distinct promise of renewed life in the air. Then there were the smells. The winter garden smelled so sweetly that I just wanted to bottle it all up and take it home with me so I could have it whenever I needed it. There was also a display of Indian orchids throughout the greenhouses. I do have a soft spot for orchids. Well I have a soft spot for all plants to be honest. And animals. Alright, it’s nature I have the soft spot for.

Anyway, I will definitely be heading back soon once more of the garden has woken up from its winter slumber.


The Winter Garden






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