Unit Available (1 Bed, 1 Bath) Limited Offer

Howlands Farm is situated south of city center. The following listing represents the best Howlands has to offer and is available for a limited time only for those seeking a unique and practical living space.
Unique Entryway
The real star of the foyer is the bulletin board. This exclusive art feature is practical as well as decorative. Just think of the messages, labels, and photographs which can be added to truly personalize this space which would otherwise be a barren wasteland of white walls. 
Spacious Floor Plan

The living space is quite large when compared to similar units close by. Even the most discerning home hunter will agree that the space seems to go on forever, until it hits the wall just 2.5 meters away.

Restful Oasis

The bedroom is the perfect restful oasis at the end of a long day. Just settle into the comfort of this compact little cot and it’s off to dreamland.

Productive and Utilitarian Work Space

Even procrastinators won’t be able to resist this office. It practically beckons you to come and be productive. (Note: Tyrannosaurus Rex not available with purchase.)

Bonus: Library

I think Belle would agree that this library is an added bonus. Just think of all of the volumes and tomes you will be able to cram onto these shelves. You can lose yourself in a world of words.

A Room with a View

 I think this view speaks for itself with its gently sloping lawn with smart landscaping. And just look, the neighbors aren’t that far away!
Now we come to the best feature of this unit: the bathroom. Imagine yourself as the captain of your own little spaceship when you step into this state of the art plastic paradise.
You’ll be saying, “beam me up” every time you flush.

This is a hot listing folks. If you want it, you have to pounce right away. Offer available at the exceptionally low rate of £5503 a year. 
In all seriousness, I have so far really loved my new accommodation on campus. This past week has been a pleasure when compared to the anxiety and frustrations of the weeks before. I am now a comfortable 20 minute walk to lectures and 30 minute walk into the city center. I have felt much more comfortable in my own skin since my move as well. I find myself breathing more deeply and being more focused. This is odd considering all of the distractions which are available to me at this location, the cafe and pub, the music room, and the gym. I am able to attend events more easily as well. Seminars, quizzes, or simply a cuppa at a friend’s place is now all available to me. I’m really looking forward to spending the next 11 months here.

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