The Playlist in my Head

I have had several songs stuck on permanent loop in my head since I arrived in Durham. Sometimes the best way to get a song out is to share it. And so I welcome you to a musical edition of An American in Durham.

Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter – John Williams
It’s probably not a huge surprise this one is stuck in my head. I mean, parts of Harry Potter were filmed here at Durham in the cloisters of the Cathedral. I even think the room used for McGonagal’s classroom is somewhere around here, if memory serves. (I’ll definitely have to find it.)
One – Metallica
I have had a complicated relationship with this song ever since my brothers decided it would be fun to show me the music video when I was four years old. I was scarred not for life, but until I had reached high school at least. This one is a bit of an odd one to have in my head now, I know. It kind of came about do to some of the frustrations I felt from last week. It’s one of those songs that I use to get out some of my angry or depressed feelings. Plus, I think Metallica is one of the most musical heavy metal bands around. The opening guitar solo is gorgeous.

I’m Your Moon – Jonathan Coulton
Again, your guess is as good as mine. I do have a stuffed toy shaped like the moon on my bed so maybe that’s why I get this song stuck in my head. Yes I know this song isn’t about Earth’s moon, it’s about Pluto and Charon. I think perhaps, the real reason I’ve had it in my head is because of the prominent line “Always remember who you are.” I need to make sure I do that while I’m here.

Something Wicked This Way Comes – John Williams
Okay, again obvious. If you go to school at Hogwarts you’re going to have this song stuck in your head. It’s just the rules.

Downton Abbey: The Suite – John Lunn
This one probably comes from watching the newest season on catch up late every Sunday night. I still think the first season is my favorite season, but regardless the music is always amazing.
So I did notice one odd thing about this list, except for Metallica all the composers are named John. Hmmm….coincidence or conspiracy?

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